Matt's got rhythym

This is Matt Frei's prose poem on the financial cataclysm. I think this is wonderful writing to pictures, and both words and pictures have great rhythym: "the SUV, the large TV". Also, Frei is good with pauses: he lets the pictures breathe. Wonderful.
Scroll down on this page to "Rotten Roots of the Crunch" to locate this clip

BBC World Service Impartiality

Journalists who work abroad for the BBC become accustomed to fielding accusations of bias. They are particularly common in areas of former British Imperial power, and they are often reinforced by the accusation that BBC World Service is directly funded by the government. The problem is that some of it is. 

So... endless, pointless thoughts

It's 1am, falling asleep, garren! (abbreviated form of guaranteed) Not even Homage to Catalonia can keep me awake.

The day before, it was around 3, general agitation over purpose of journalism mingled with much less profound introspection of previous life-decisions.

The day before that, if I can recall correctly, maybe 3, 4, or possibly in between. Real frustration with inability to sleep amongst some nice relaxing. Singing songs in my head.

Now, 22:42, less than average expectations of imminent sleep coupled with mild acceptance of the fact.