I'm So Sad

I'm too disheartened to re-write the blog i just spent half an hour writing and accidently deleted so my view in short is that Obama's journey to Presidency is at risk of overshadowing his Presidency itself. I doubt it but this can often be the case regarding Woodrow Wilson. Ask me tomorrow if you would like me to elaborate but i am too upset to re write the 400 words i just deleted.


Blears on Blogging

Without fanfare or comment I draw to your attention this piece by New Labour's favourite uber-Blairite, Hazel Blears. It is an edited version of a speech she will make to the Hansard Society. Ever wondered why journalists have such a long established tradition of resisting state regulation? Isn't Hazel marvellous?     

Obama Breaks Down Barriers and Makes History

The election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America is a truly momentous event. He has broken down racial barriers and proved that race is no hinderance to seeking high office. The most powerful man in the world is an African-American. This would have seemed unthinkable to people growing up in the Civil Rights era. Many thought that they would never see this day come.