Mumbai under attack

If you havent been following, the event started late last evening. Essentially: a major terrorist attack with car bombs, squads with automatic weapons and grenades - coordinated attacks on (mostly luxury) hotels, hospitals, theaters, railway station and others, all in different parts of the city.

Several important heads of agencies have already been killed, including the anti-terrorist government agency. Reports are of already 87 casualties, with about 240 injured.

Reportedly terrorists havebeen filtering out hostages with American and British passports. There are even hostages from the European Parliament and major TNCs, who were there for meetings.

India has already seen an increase of terrorist attacks recently - however, the attacks have generally been remote attacks with bombs. This is a major event, as there are now coordinated groups with objectives and major assault weaponry.

A huge setback to the worldwide policy of anti-terrorism. Reporters are already comparing this event to the 9/11.

Clinton becoming a minister is unconstitutional

It is widely known, that Obama has asked Clinton to become the secretary of state. It has been widely discussed the possible outcomes of the choice, including things like how could Clinton block many Obama's decisions.

However, what is now surprising, is that the constitution itself does not allow Clinton to become the secretary of state. The constitution actually does not allow any Congress member whose salarie has been increased over the last year. 

The question now is: will the 'slight constitutional blockage' be ignored or respected?