Perfect Symmetry a perfect package?

Once in a blue moon, there comes an album which removes all doubt of its potential inadequacy and delights those who listen to it. Sadly, Keane haven't quite managed to fulfill their potential. Tim Rice-Oxley may have cleaned up his act along with the rest of the "piano rock" (which is what exactly, apart from a very lame form of generalising) group, but perhaps they haven't quite replicated the performance of those they admire.

Profit v conscience

Geneva Overholser at the Online Journalism Review wonders whether the traditional business model for journalism - i.e publishing companies run for profit - has distorted the social responsibilities of journalists. She quotes former investment banker Adlai Wertman, who claims that profit-seeking companies "quickly go from no social mission to no social responsibility" - resulting in a distorted notion of "what the public wants" when it comes to journalism, and a terribly inadequate news diet for a self-governing people.