Chelsea Resume Normal Service in Emphatic Fashion

Nicolas Anelka helped himself to a hat-trick as Chelsea got back to winning ways at Stamford Bridge with an easy 5-0 win over Sunderland.

It was a bitterly chilly afternoon in West London, but the football on offer warmed the hearts of those who had braved the cold.

Joe Cole recovered from an ankle injury picked up in midweek, and he was the fulcrum for much of Chelsea’s attacking threat.

Stop the Press...Forever

If radical thinking is the solution to declining newspaper circulations then this proposal from the American Recovering Journalist blog is at the sharpest end of the most acute cutting edge. To secure their futures, suggests Marc Andreesen, newspapers should stop printing paper copies now and force their readers (and avertisers) to appreciate the online product. I think the idea is closer to insanity than radicalism, but perhaps I'm missing a glorious business opportunity.

Hamilton edged by menacing Massa


Formula One

Friday 31st October (15:24 GMT)

Lewis Hamilton was narrowly beaten by title rival, Felipe Massa today in Friday practice, ahead of this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix championship decider.

Massa was quickest in Interlagos with a lap of one minute 12.305 seconds for Stefano Domenicali's Ferrari team, whilst British driver Hamilton recorded a 0.190 second deficit, setting a time of one minute 12.495.

Sometimes news has to stew a bit

Here's a nice post from technology journalist Charles Arthur on why news doesn't have to be, well, new. The Brand/Russell broadcast, Arthur points out, should have been cold potatoes by the time the Mail on Sunday picked it up more than a week after it had gone out. Not so, as we have seen. And he gives a neat definition that encapsulates a newspaper law: "News is what the reader doesn’t yet know, but you can persuade them they want to".