You don't get the joke: millenials, memes and the news age crisis

News faces an age crisis: it cannot attract young people. In the minds of the young, serious journalism has the same status as picking up the phone or drinking Horlicks. We young folk are not renowned for buying newspapers or making time to watch Newsnight. So what can the industry do to win our affection?

To all the foodies out there

For all you foodies out there, I dedicate this one to you.

To anyone who doesn’t know me that well, I am probably one of the biggest foodies you could possibly meet.

Most people participate in some form of activity at least once a week whether it’s sport, drama or napping. Mine was eating out for dinner (pre-uni of course).  It was basically a hobby.

NCTJ Law exam revision - attention Yr 2s and MAs

Don't forget your final class before the Essential Media Law exam is on Friday. Year 2s - please note our room has changed this term - we are in G2-04. (MAs remain the same).  Please bring your McNae with you. We will be working through the Sample 2 exam - the one which is on Moodle - plus a few extras.  If you are choosing to do the Court Reporting module, classes will start the following Friday - the 25th - same times, same places. 

Snooker Loopy No Longer Nuts Are We

As a 23 year old male (23 and 12 months next month) with ‘Sex Pistols’ tattooed up his left forearm, you’d be excused for not immediately branding me as a huge snooker fan. Yet that indeed I am. As I sit (very much alone) in my room, fixated on a 3 hour recorded clip of Doug Mountjoy vs Steve Davies in the 1981 world championship final. You will more than likely laugh at why I wonder why I’m almost entirely alone when it comes to snooker and my age bracket.