Enter the MENCAP journalism awards 2019

As the budding journalists of the future, Mencap is calling on all of you to enter our inaugural Journalism Awards. Mencap is a charity committed to changing the lives of people with a learning disability.  All our services support people to live life as they choose. But they need your help.

Although so much has changed over the years, more needs to be done to raise awareness of the challenges that people with a learning disability face and to help change attitudes towards learning disability. So, we are inviting you to enter our journalism awards. Full details, advice, contacts and guidelines on entering can be found below.

A shrinking country

In the last nine years, Greece faces one of  the most severe crisis of the post-war period. The economic crisis of 2009 was just the beginning of an episode with different aspects. One of them is the demographic problem, which tends to be the most hazardous for the future of the country.

Paris protests: helping or harming democracy?

The wave of protests reverberating throughout Paris as I write raise serious questions about the ethics of political activism. Usually I side with the common man, with the working class and the poor, with the downtrodden and systematically disenfranchised. The concerns these groups share are humane, reasonable and difficult to argue against without being selfish or closed off to the concrete realities that dominate many citizens’ daily lives.