Gin and Tonic: an intoxicating alcoholic beverage

Let me recall... I must have had my first drink six years ago, so how old were you guys when you first started drinking?
I remember the first drink I had was a bottled cocktail that was about 3% volume. At the time, I didn't have a good understanding of alcohol, and I even stupidly thought that drinking was adult behaviour, so it was cool, but it was really childish. I tried whiskey, wine, vodka, sake... But above all, Gin became my favourite.

The Importance Of Architecture

As a society, we tend to place little importance on the arts and how they effect those who engage with them. No matter what the medium is, it is often seen as being less important than the more academic studies that are on offer to children whilst they grow up. Studies such as mathmatics and the sciences have often been highly encouraged by ministers in the past and promoted far and above as the essentials to a good education whilst the arts have in some cases been discouraged by those same people for presumably not being as important.

Visiting the Trevi Fountain: A marble-ous Instagram spot

The sun glared down the gaps between the buildings as we wondered through the bustling backstreets. We came across fresh baked pastries and the smell of homemade pasta and pizza are along every corner. We made several stops to try the different flavour gelato and get our limoncello fix! Further into the streets, we turned a corner and stumbled in front of the renowned Trevi Fountain.