Hi to my fellow first years!

We need to decide our Course Representatives as fast as possible, so I thought I'd post this message to help move things along... I'm more than happy to be one of the Reps, if that's okay with you all, but is there anybody else interested in this position?  

 We could make sure to meet up and vote on this before the end of the week (probably during a lunch hour is easiest) but if there's only myself and another person interested then it's probably not necessary - let me know below what you think below! So, who's up for the task? 

Bear in mind that we need two representatives, a male-female balance was suggested by Tim last week as being preferable but by no means necessary; once elected they would need to attend regular meetings (though not all that often!) where they would act as an important link between their fellow students and the 'higher powers' of Kent University, hopefully leading to solutions being found to any serious problems that we might encounter on our course as first year journalism students - but obviously we all hope that there won't be any problems! 


I will interject only to say I have no issue with either of you being the rep. Good luck.

Yeah, i'd really like to run for a rep if possible!! If more people come forward, voting in a lunch break sounds good, if not im more than happy to do the job! Keep me posted on goings on....

 All in favour of Paul and Ella say 'aye'.

I would say that you two should go for it. 

1st Year Course Reps!