Bloomberg TV is looking for a desk/field producer in London!

Bloomberg Television/Radio is looking a highly motivated, hard-working producer to join our London News Desk! It's one of the rare oportunities here that doesn't require several years of experience, just some major enthusiasm for TV and business journalism as well as the willingness to work early mornings. 

The job involves providing production support to our live TV and radio broadcasts, producing and managing the edits of pre-recorded interviews and field producing at news events in Europe, Africa and Middle East. 

So if you want to work with an amazing team, break some news and travel the world - APPLY!

You can find more info on the role here and feel free to contact me at

Comic Con Middle East 2016

3:10pm It's the last day of the Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016! 70,000 fans are expected to attend this year. 

3:15pm MEFFC returns for its 5th anniversary giving fans a chance to dress up and meet their favourite celebrities and creators. 

Childfree, not childless

I have never had a maternal nature or even a slight feeling that one day I might want to be a mother. I have never felt that way. Recently, I read the story of a woman on the Daily Mail who wanted to be sterilized on the NHS because she knew she didn’t want children.

Girls should never be hit, not even with flowers

Like 23 million other people I was extremely touched when a video emerged online of a social experiment in which young Italian boys refused to slap a girl when asked to do so. As one of the boys put it: “Girls should never be hit, not even with flowers.”As heartwarming as this video is, it asks an important question: Are men born with a predisposition towards violence against women, or is it taught to them at a young age? 

Third culture kids: Where is home?

‘Where are you from?’  It’s a simple question and most people have a straightforward answer. But not me. I dread getting asked this question, and unfortunately, it’s inevitable. It sounds ridiculous but I genuinely have no idea what to say. Do I say I’m English since I was born there? Or do I say I’m English and South African because my father’s South African and I have both passports? Or do I say I’m from Dubai because I lived there for the majority of my life?


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