Every student's problem

  I think it’s a common problem for all students. The great part about the CFJ is the sheer variety of career paths we could embark upon once we’ve graduated, but with essays, assignments, weekly reading’s and NCTJ exams out the wazoo, graduating and going out into the big wide world always seems so far away, yet paradoxically looming in the forefront of my mind. I think the hardest part about choosing a career path is not wanting to waste what other skills you’ve picked up on the way.

Is it 'Always Sunny In Philadelphia'?

Season 13 of American anti-sitcom 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' has at long last been released on Netflix, and I binged the whole season until my body betrayed me. I finally succumbed to sleep somewhere around 4am, emotionally exhausted and aching from laughter. It's surprising that I didn’t wake the whole house with my ridiculously high-pitched breathless squeals as the gang's antics became too much.

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