I flew with Aerosparx - and it was unbelievable

Formation flying is one of those things you can never really portray in a video. You can be the best cameraman in the world, using the most advanced technology, but it will still be impossible to convey just how unbelievable, beautiful and faintly unnerving it is to look out the window of an aircraft and see another one so close alongside that its wingtip is just a metre or two under your feet.

Who on Earth is writing local news?

My disdain for the local press is perhaps remarkable for someone who willingly chose a career path which will almost certainly see me working in that field. It’s not that I think it’s a poor concept – indeed, localised news is a fantastic resource in many ways, and of great value to many communities. My problem isn’t even with the content, lacking though it often is. I have nothing against totally trivial front page headlines such as “Newport man grows huge tomato” (South Wales Argus).

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