Jon Snow: People will no longer read newspapers for news

The media is undergoing a revolution in which people will no longer look to newspapers for news, according to Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow.

Delivering the third Bob Friend Memorial Lecture at the University of Kent on Friday night, Snow said events in the Middle East demonstrate the benefits of social media websites but also that newspapers are becoming dated very quickly. Leaders in Tunisia and Egypt have been forced from power after mass protests driven by services like Twitter and Facebook.

Snow said: "I don't think people will look to newspapers for news. I don't think people are patient enough to read news in that way."

Before his lecture, titled ‘From film to Twitter – the media revolution: is the golden age of journalism come or gone?’, Snow presented this year’s winner of the Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship, Tania Steere, with her award.

Ed Miliband: Labour cannot sit back and wait for the Coalition to 'screw up'

Labour cannot sit back and wait for the Coalition to ‘screw up’ and must reconnect with the ‘hopes and aspirations’ of the British people.

That is the message party leader Ed Miliband delivered at Labour’s National Policy Forum in Gillingham, Kent.

The Brown Years

In 'The Brown Years', the Independent's Steve Richards looks back on Gordon Brown's three years in Downing Street - focusing on the major events of his premiership.

The first episode, which was on Radio Four this morning, details his first few months in office, and how his initial honeymoon ended in such a brutal fashion.


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