Taxing the rich: More spin than sollution

There has been more commotion in the past 12 months over taxing the rich than in the 12 years prior. The occupy movements followed by all the confusion over the 50p tax reduction and most recently all the legal loopholes allowing those with clever accountants to avoid paying anywhere near the amount of tax the government says they should be paying.

The Fox and the Hound, Revisited

Though the Hunting Act has been in place since 2004, the arguments between the two sides haven’t changed or died down at all. Before 2004 hunts would go out and expect to find the usual crowd of do-gooders waiting to protest against their 'evil blood sport' and how they're ruining the wildlife.

The government finally caved and passed the Hunting Act to ban hunting with dogs, though they have done nothing more to stop it. Without any effort to enforce the law or punish those who break it make the law nothing more than a guide-line.

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