North? South? No- it’s the Middle

I live in Medway, and it doesn’t take much in depth knowledge of the compass to work out that Medway is in the South of England. But I’m not from Medway, I’m from a land far, far away, Newark, Nottinghamshire. Seemingly both from my accent and looking at a map, no-one has ever been quite able to place quite where I’m from, (Often I get, well you’re certainly English aren’t you).

Spicy's bad days at the office

After a week of US public relations triumphs courtesy of Pepsi and United Airlines, The White House didn’t want to feel left out. In his latest press briefing Sean Spicer proved just how competent he, sorry, Melissa McCarthy is. No, the outstandingly competent White House press secretary didn't get (too) angry at reporters and throw things, or chew copious amounts of gum, as his satirised counterpart does.

Am I Fake News?

With just three days before Donald J. Trump stands in front of the US Capitol in Washington D.C. to take the oath of office and be inaugurated to arguably the highest office in the globe, it seems like an opportune time to look at what makes the man beneath the hair. It has been common for the media and in turn the public to place a lot of emphasis on the Mr Trump’s words, which is, of course what the man himself wants, whether it be in the form of an orator or a keyboard warrior. But an element of President-elect Trump’s persona that fascinates me is his body language.

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