Third year news day brief

 Hi guys, 

Conference is at 8:30 am. Can you please send your ideas to us on Facebook or email beforehand so we can go check through in more detail during conference. The programme will be 20 mins and we are going to follow the style of Channel 4 News. We are aiming to include live two-ways and packages but we all know the drill by now. 


Beckah - autocue

Mylo - vision mixing

Kelsey - timing and Reuters International footage 

James - sound

Jaak - playout

Kat - presenter

Year 3 news day prep

 Hi guys, 


We are going to be following the same format as Five Live Drive for the half-hour slot so could everyone please listen to a couple of the shows on the website so that you know how they do live links etc.

The emphasis will be on live material for the reporters to contribute during the programme, and a maximum of two packages so that we can follow Five Live's remit as closely as possible. 

This doesn't mean that you will lose marks because there are not individual pieces as the journalism will still take priority when sourcing material.

Book Sale



My law books are for sale for second years who have not already bought theirs. If you're interested just send me a message.





Furious Officers Lose Enforcement Powers

After reading this article on Pistonheads, I was quite surprised to find that it said 'it is understood that police officers are furious at the reduction in their powers'. Well, I say surprised but in all honesty it is quite clear why they would be. After all, who would dare want a cut in the amount of paperwork over minor offences? Why try and make it easier for officers to catch real criminals? How dare they take away the burden on officers to chase after motorists making petty mistakes?


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