Kelvin does it again

Kelvin MacKenzie has called for disciplinary action against teh Guardian's Nick Davies and Alan Rusbridger in this Spectator column. Normally with Kelvin he seems to over exaggerate things so he can get attention (although I have no idea if they are actually his views or not). This time though, considering his nickname for the Guardian is the "World's Worst", I think he might be deadly serious...

The longest package ever

Last night on Radio 4's The World Tonight, there was a package on Northern Ireland that went on for over 9 minutes. You can listen to it here. It starts at around 15 minutes into the programme. Is a package this long worth doing?

If Guido Fawkes worked for a national what would happen to him?

William Hague's newly appointed special adviser Christopher Myers was forced to resign today after a whispering campaign over whether he was Hague's lover.

The allegations were started by blogger Guido Fawkes. William Hague has had to release a statement denying everything and listing very personal information about his relationship with his wife.

Guido's story is essentially this.

This post details Hague's statement.

What I am wondering is what would happen if he worked for a national newspaper or broadcaster.


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