Why I'm proud to be from Kent. Well kind of.

I remember a few years a go my grandad offered me a plum. I don't like plums. 

"Oh dear, you're not a Kentish girl really are you then." 

I was slightly confused and offended at the time but once I learnt that Kent is the Garden of England it made sense. But apparently this label doesn't mean we have a cultural identity. Well, Stuart Heritage doesn't think so anyway. 

Films help you escape but should also educate.

There are countless pictures and quotes being put up on Facebook blaming Disney films for giving people an unrealistic expectation of life. Meeting a stranger in the woods won’t lead to you finding Prince Charming. It’ll probably end in something less romantic and dangerous. But the happy ever after fairy tales portrayed in these much loved films do give many young girls unrealistic expectations. So when films that are brutally near the mark are released we should appreciate them and be pleased that Hollywood is telling us the truth. Ish.

Sneaky schools admissions process - the poor lose out again

 Academies have been criticised today for being selective, choosing more privileged pupils which has "attracted controversy and fuelled concerns that the growth of academies may entrench rather than mitigate social inequalities". An academies commission has found that many schools have chosen to pick the best students as an alternative to improving the schools and raising standards.

A step backwards for the police

The recent shootings of 2 young Police women in Manchester has ignited a wider debate within the police force. Should police officers be equipped with guns to defend themselves? To many, it seems obvious that this is the only answer to deal with what appears to be a growing problem in the UK, but what will it mean for the image of the police force.

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