Public Affairs Exam Friday 9.06.17

The Public Affairs exam will be held on Friday 9 June.  The exam starts at 2pm but PLEASE ARRIVE AT 1.30 and bring your ID card.  The exam will be held in 3 different newsrooms as follows:

Year 1 in G1-04 except for extra time students (see below)

MAs in G3-19 (except for extra time students (see below)

Freddie, Josh Flores, Chloe Pizzey, James Connolly and Kaya in G1-04

Extra time students (Jack, James, Alex Crean, Amber, Callum Mcavoy, Shannon) in G1-03

Goodbye (my babies)

Dear Students, as you all probably know by now I shall be leaving the Centre at the end of June. Before you all disappear after the exams I just wanted to say 'bye and wish you all the very best of luck in your future studies and careers.  I have no doubt that you will all go on to do great things.  I shall miss you all (yes, even though at times you have pushed me to the brink of frustration) but I intend to keep in touch with the Centre so will hear about all your successes.  Thank you to all year 2 students for the lovely card.


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