Hey everyone,

Opportunity for bonding coming your way!!!

Some of us second years are planning to go and see Up at Bluewater Cinema on Friday the 9th at around half nine at night, we think?!  Wanted to throw the idea onto the site and invite people along. We can get to know each other a bit better and if there are any questions you would like to ask us after your first two weeks then we will be on hand to answer them. Just ask us and we can arrange something. We have about five or six cars between us so you can catch lifts with us, if not trains and buses are avaiable to go to Bluewater.

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!!

Kelsey [and everyone else]



I'm out.

everyone wants to ride on the Bobcoaster! You have to come!

I'm in!

What do you think I am!?

I really really want to come (as pixar are ledge) but I don't finish work until 10 next Friday. I would hate for special arrangements to be made on my account (although I secretly wouldn't)

... and as all of the first years finish at 12 I think a shopping trip could be in order!

 ...I saw it during the summer, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again!

Not too sure yet if I'll be free on the day, but if I am you can definitely count me in.

Count me in, people :)

Oh great, the Shopoholic on the course is working when you suggest a shopping trip. Now im depressed....but yeah glad people can come, will sort it out next week properly.

Have a good weekend guys! Kels

I'm in :)

I originally told most second years that we'd be going to the 12.00am showing, but I can do either. And now I'm going to happily push all the organisation onto Kelsey.

I'll take 3 others in my car, otherwise my exhaust will clunk... Silly Corsas.

What corsa do you have? A, b or C? Do you want me to take a look at it?

Don't worry about midnight if it is more convenient or better for people to go earlier. I can probably see it another time. 

 Epic. Can I shotgun a lift off anyone? And would we be going for shopping prior to seeing Up, and if so, what time?

YES! I really really really want to see Up. Good plannage!

...is it 9:30? I won't need a lift there but I might need a lift back if the trains have stopped running (I WILL make use of my railcard).

Hey guys,

Glad to see we are establishing a good group of people for Friday!

Ok there are two showings, one is at 10.00pm and that is the normal version, but the 3D one is showing at 9.30pm so we need a general concensus on what one people would want to see?

Also, we need to work out how many cars we have between us, and who is willing to drive obviously? I won't be able to take anyone because i'm working 5-9 on Friday so will meet you all after. Having said that, if a few of you girls are going Bluewater earlier to go shopping and I'm not still editing on Fri, i can take four of you [at most] up there at about 4.30?

Cool, I'm done. xx

I'm desperate to see the 3D version, which is why I said Bluewater and not Chatham's Odeon. There's generally 20 minutes of adverts before each film though, so could you make the 9.30 showing, Rob?

I am taking Beckah and Zehra in my car - so I have one space left. However, we won't be shopping beforehand as we'll be doing our video pieces.

I'll go and make a Facebook event invite so that everyone can confirm if they are going or not and the conversation can move onto there.

I can try... Could be like trying to sweet talk a lemon though.

If you go at 10 I can probably come... I can change to 5:30-9:30, no probs, just not 5-9... they're petty like that.

I could dart back straight from work and take people, if it is desperate and take them back but it doesn't look like the Pugmonster shall be needed.

10 10 10 10.

Up Up and Away....to BLUEWATER!!!