Just to remind you of our exciting Christmas story competition. The rules are simple: A story of between 500 - 1000 words, on any aspect of Christmas - serious/funny/straight/poignant/silly.  It could be looking at homelessness in Medway over Christmas or trying out the latest silly toy that's going to be bestseller this year and anything in between. Your stories will be judged on 1) Your reporting skills - those who go out and interview people/experience real life situations will be awarded more marks than those who simply glean stuff off the internet. 2) Your writing skills - I want to see crisp, clear, sentences, with words fizzing off the page. Colour writing, where appropriate will also be rewarded. 3) Originality of idea - I want to be amazed, surprised, stunned and left feeling 'I've never read this before.'Deadline: 1.00pm, Tuesday December 15. Do your reporting, interviewing, research etc and then come to class on Tuesday ready to write it up. Good Luck!!

Announcing Christmas Competition for First Years! - Free booze and gift vouchers to be won!!