Here is a recently published video hosted on Vimeo about the 2008 World Press Photo of the Year winner, Anthony Suau. His work is inspirational.

The video is a bit unsteady at times, which makes me feel somewhat seasick, but all the same I think Suau is worth the shaky scenes. It also helps that he shoots with the most beautiful camera model in the world – Leica. They’re rather discrete cameras that would have come in quite useful when we were all snooping and snapping around Woolworths trying not to get caught with chunky Canon cameras.

The exhibition is being held in over 100 countries. Such a shame that they’ve put it in Edinburgh for us UK kids. Road trip anyone?



Roadtrip? Pick me, pick me!

Please tell me you were just even slightly serious?

You can drive!!! Let's go!

It'd be an amazing experience and not to mention the skills we might pick up!


A road trip to Edinburgh is perfectly practical. I have ridden or driven from the south of England to the south of Scotland more times than I can remember. As long as you don't try to go round London at rush hour it  takes about eight hours. If you need recommendations for hostels, campsites or B & B's in Edinburgh or environs you know who to ask. It is a city everyone should visit. Of course, the best time to go is during the Edinburgh Festival, but it can be crowded. The population doubles at festival time.   

I believe the timings mean that we can combine the Edinburgh festival with the exhibition. Super.

Is anyone else in?

Yes, the video is a bit wobbly but it's a good story and -- for me -- that makes the unsteadiness OK. Generally, if the story is there, that is the most important thing.

Lots of good pictures here, like Yuri Kozyryev's picture. Yuri is a technically brilliant and brave Russian photographer who won a Frontline award a few months ago, for his pictures from Iraq.


Anthony Suau: an inspiration