I'm going to see Jeremy Bowen at the Frontline Club tomorrow evening (if you don't know him, or it, the link provides a good description of both and the talk), does anyone want to come, too? It starts at seven and costs £12.50.

The interview, with Vin Ray, will be available to watch on their website afterwards, if you're interested but can't make it (where they also have an archive of fascinating interviews).

When I booked earlier, there were only a dozen or so tickets left, so I imagine it'll sell out quite soon.

You can book online by clicking 'book' on the top right of the screen linked to above, or by phone: 02074798950.


...I haven't been feeling too great the last couple of days so I might pass, but I'll definitely check out that site, thanks.

The Rory Stewart one on Afghanistan is awesome. Richard's recommended the Sean Langan one, too. Hope you feel better.

Langan had just been released by the Taliban and when he did this fascinating interview at Frontline. He was facing criticism from other journalists who felt he had taken unnecessary risks which got him kidnapped: rather in the same way that Stephen Farrell was. While he was captive, Sean -- and I think he is both brave and talented -- had a lot of time to think about  his line of work, where he takes it as a good sign that the insurgents put a bag on his head to lead him off to an unknown destination. (Find out why in this interview.)

For me the most revealing part is where Sean talks about how his children would feel if he was killed on a job. Their question might be, why didn't he love them enough not to take such huge risks?

Frontline's video player isn't the most user friendly and it's hard to tell whether the whole interview is actually there. Can anyone who watches this tell me if it is? If so, I will recommend this more widely.

It seems to start at least a few minutes in, but from there it plays right through to the end. I felt that none of the story was cut off, just a bit of pre-amble and context.
I don't think you should pause it when you're watching it, either, because you can't scan through to find where you were, it just starts back at the beginning.
It's weird because other videos on the site seem to be using a better player.

Anyone want to come and see Jeremy Bowen speak tomorrow (tues)?