I'm sure Alex is far too modest to mention it himself but he's done a good job on a package for the Kentish Express (where I am based) about a controversial £15million redevelopment of the town's ring road. You may remember I mentioned this when we looked at transport in one of my sessions - the infamous £7,000 streetlights. Good to see it's attracted some viewer reaction and posts, too - just the kind of thing we are looking to get from our stories. There's no new angle on this story particularly but because it's still a hot topic, it does generate interest.




Congratulations Alex. This is very good work and a real credit to the Centre. Well done. 

As Tim said, congratulations. A good range of interviewees, nicely filmed and a very good package. Also, very good how you've managed to use video I think. Well done mate.

I saw this on the Kent Online site the other day, very well done mate. 

Ashford's shared space - the video