Hey guys,

Attention for all those who are in need of books!!!

A few of us second years have some books that we don't really need to keep for this year so before you hunt around Amazon and Play, a few of us are willing to sell you some of our books from last year. I know that me and John Saunders have a couple of books we can sell, such as Challenge of Democracy by Hugh Cunningham for History of Journalism. Just ask us and we can let you know if we have any of the books you need.

Hope you are all enjoying your first week and starting to feel at home within the centre, it's good to have you around!!!


Kelsey [and fellow second years] xxx


I also have a Challenge of Democracy for sale and a Short Introduction to the Spanish Civil War.

Adding to that I have an NCTJ Public Affairs one to sell. Be a bit cheaper because I may or may not have dropped mine a few times.

I have decided againsts selling as I have forgotten things, so will keep for reference. Will lend though.

I have a bunch of books that I will lend you little ones, but you can't keep them. When I finally get around to unpacking, I will write a list of the ones I have.

P.S. Beach Party at Coopers tomorrow.

Does anyone have the beginners shorthand book? My debit card not arriving has hampered me getting one and it would be easier to pay cash

I doubt anyone will get rid of their shorthand book, Ali. It's too useful. I'd suggest that you go onto the library website and reserve a copy of Teeline Fast to the Medway campus, until you can buy your own.



I'll try and find it for tomorrow, but it'll involve digging through unpacked boxes so it might not be for a couple of days.

... you don't need it then I would love to buy it, I don't trust the postal system at Liberty Quays

Alister, please forgive me for correcting your typo. I know you can spell, but I tend to correct mis-spellings if I pick them up. Various second years have corrected mine a few times. 

I have 2 in my possession, of which 1 is up for grabs.

 I finally unpacked (a month later) so here is my list of books that you can borrow: (not all are course books, but they're still relevant/interesting)

John Simpson - A Mad World, My Masters

Andrew Marr - My Trade

The Life and Death of the Press Barons

Greg Dyke - Inside Story 

Robert Fisk - Pity the Nation

Robert Fisk - The Great War for Civilisation

The Faber Book of Reportage

Short Introduction: Spanish Civil War

Broadcast Journalism Handbook

Inside Hamas (it's not about journalism, but it's incredibly useful)

Alistair Cooke - The Americans

Tim Luckhurst - This is Today

England in the 19th Century

The Last Great Cause

Public Affairs for Journalists 

I think I'm a bit late to this haha

Joe Dawson

Attention all first years!!!