In the past couple of years there’s been a trend of bands that hit their peak in the late 90s early 00s reuniting. At first I dismissed the likes of Blue and Atomic Kittens as washed up has-beens looking to cash in on the success of ITV2s TV show The Big Reunion.

                                       And then it happened. McBusted! Two of the bands that featured heavily in the soundtrack to my early teenette years, Mcfly and Busted, joined together to create the ultimate super band. It wasn’t even the fact the two bands had joined together it was the fact that Busted had been revived. Ever since I heard Year 3000 on 2002 I had a bit of an obsession. As a ten year old girl I danced around my room to their CDs at “Abby turn it down” level. I had their posters on my wall, their T-shirts in my wardrobe and their CD’s in my player. I had the hopeless dream of becoming Mrs insert name of favourite member of the week. Even nine years after the band split I have songs of theirs on my iPod. From these few facts it should be clear to you that I was one of those heartbroken eleven year olds who cried themselves to sleep when news of Busted’s split hit in 2005. It should also be clear that their comeback, despite them being one original member down and joined to a readymade band, was a big deal for me.

                                       So I jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and brought myself a ticket. I guess I hoped that they would be as good as I had always imagined but expected them to fall short. We all have that idea don’t we of what something we have dreamed about for years will be like, whether its reading your first published article, playing your first professional game or listening to the songs that got you through some difficult times as a child. And when those things are about to happen it can be scary. The fear that the reality won’t live up to the dream you’ve built up in your mind. I know it seems silly that I was worried about going to see a band perform. But honestly it wasn’t so much the band as what they got me through. My childhood was a portable one. By the time I was thirteen I had moved thirteen times. It works out as once every year but the reality was there were some years we moved three times and others we didn’t move at all. Ages nine to twelve were the three times a year kind of years as well as the Busted years.  The point of my digressing is that Busted was a band whose songs were a part of my life that remained the same through the cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

                                       Anyway two weeks ago I went to see McBusted perform. I brought the t-shirt with their faces on, because let’s face it I’m a lot bigger than I was at eleven so my wardrobe needed a new one. I sat though the support bands fidgeting with anticipation. And at eight o’clock on Saturday the third of May 2014 the dream of my eleven year old self came true. I spent three hours singing and dancing to some of my favourite songs with the band that created them and an arena full of people singing and dancing too. There were fireworks, a spaceship and a wedding dress. And surprisingly none of it was provided by my imagination, it was all really cool special effects. McBusted lived up to all the hype they had created in the media and my childhood dreams.

                                       So maybe the flurry of bands making a comeback isn’t the last bid of some desperate musicians to cling to their once high celebrity status and make a couple of quick bucks. Maybe I’m being a little bit of a fan girl and a little bit more naïve when I say maybe it’s about giving the fans a chance to remember how the music once made them feel. To take them to a time or a place where the songs changed their lives, even just a little. Then again the money can’t hurt.

Bands back together