Django - Tarantino unchains a subject that needed to be freed

I was fortunate enough to see an advance screening of Tarantino’s new film, it is bloody, overly violent, overly long and, quite frankly, a modern masterpiece.

Is that a typing error? A masterpiece?

Yes, a masterpiece.

Tarantino has bought a subject to my attention and to the attention to much of the world that is very rarely contemplated or thought about. It had hardly ever crossed my mind that until 1860, the possession of a black human-being, in what is now arguably the world’s pin-up country, was perfectly legal.

Hip Hop Is Dead

Hip Hop lost one of its founding fathers, greatest contributers and all time legends this week as Adam "MCA" Yaunch died after a two year battle with cancer.

MCA was the smooth yet scratchy voice of trio rap group "Beastie Boys" who emerged from the New York punk scene to create one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, Licensed to Ill.

English Rugby and its relationship with the Press

This autumn fans of rugby union were tormented and plagued by constant stories of misbehaving English players in New Zealand. Some of the antics, including dwarf throwing contests and leaping from moving ferries, are reminiscent of rugby old boys propping up the bar telling tales of old and how they got away with it. But England didnt. A relentless campaign by British media, spearheaded at Mike Tindall after his infamous night in a Queenstown Bar, has seen the relationship shift between reporter and player.

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