After the horrific broken leg sustained by Aaron Ramsey earlier it will be interesting to see what newspapers choose to do about the pictures that they use.

The News of the World have already found probably the most disturbing image of the injury:  (I wouldn't look at this if you have just eaten)

Will all newspapers go with this image? If so will they use it in a double page spread it choose it keep it relatively small?

Also the broadcaster did not replay the tackle and injury as it was deemed too horrible. It will be interesting to see if any highlights programmes decided to show the replays.


I think this is the main difference here. I watched it live and I would be very surprised if Match of the Day showed the tackle tonight as they did with the Eduardo injury. You've got to think of the boy's parents and family too, he's only nineteen and they wouldn't want to see him in that much agony on television. I think we're all better off not seeing it to be perfectly honest - even if some of us are curious to see it again.

They may not show the contact but they might show him writhing around in pain. I think, for a parent, or friend for that matter, it would be much worse. 

I can't imagine MOTD showing it anway. It won't enhance the programme at all, the only bad news is we'll have to listen to Lineker, Hansen and probably Shearer giving their usual half arsed view of things.

It's fortunate that people would have tuned in anyway to see the Bridge-Terry handshake that never was. So there is no need to satisfy anyone's morbid curiosity.


According to the PCC, articles that involve grief or shock must be handled sensitively with sympathy and discretion. The article of the accident should not be presented in an insensitive or distressing way so as to cause grief or distress to the family. The publication should not trivialise or glamorise the circumstances; editors best placed to decide what their readers will find acceptable in terms of taste and decency. However, because the accident happened in a very public place, witnessed by members of the public and published after family members had been informed, the press are quite within their rights to publish the images without any threat. Personally I think the press should just give the guy a break!

A big editorial decision