Budapest in Warsaw

A newly enacted media law in Poland, that gives control of public radio and TV to a national media council close to the government, left me with an anxious sense of déjà vu.

The challenges of the EU

Safe to say, that nowadays the European Union is facing monumental changes. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would be a blessing for some people while others think it would be a disaster. Greece is on the brink of bankruptcy, and whatever happens, its 300m euros debt will hurt someone. There is the situation with Russia: will the country make peace with the EU, or choose to side with China? Also, the recent election results in the UK could mean a potential Brexit, or even bring independence to Scotland.

Don't blame immigration for terrorism

I always think that Hungary, my home country cannot surprise me anymore, and yet, the government always proves me wrong. When I thought that taxing the internet was the biggest scandal at the end of the year, they introduced the obligatory drug test for children between the age of 12-18 as well as for journalists and politicians. After a few demonstrations against this (which are part of our daily routine now) they postponed the decision, but announced a new, brilliant idea: all of the hypermarkets must be closed on Sundays because this way families are likely to spend more time together.

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