Yesterday, it was revealed some products in various supermarkets had up to 29.1% horse meat content in them. Mcdonalds, Tesco and Lidl are some of the places caught up in this mix up. 

Apparently it tastes the same and there are no health risks, but I will be avoiding tesco branded products(which is hard as Liberty Quays is just next to Tesco's) for  a while. A European supplier has been accused of contaminating the products.

When doing some research to reassure myself not everything, everywhere is horse, I found this bit of advice:


How can you guarantee the content of your burger?

You could buy one of the ones on the list that tested negative: Iceland Beef Burgers, Supervalue Daily Basics Beef Burgers and Simply M&S British Beef Burgers all tested negative for traces of horse and pig DNA in the FSAI's tests.

A good butcher who knows the source of the meat on sale should also help reasure you. Or you could make your own …



A bit of horse never hurt anyone, what what.

You're braver than I am 

Until I came to university, I was already boycotting Tesco - mainly because of their dodgy wages and working hours, plus them participating in the 'workfare' project.

I think them having horse in a product or two, potentially without knowing, is the least of our worries regards Tesco.

Now please go to tesco and buy some bloody food!

Boycotted Tesco, but now I'm starving