Today it was reported that Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman saved a jogger's life after he collapsed in Hyde Park from a heart attack. Yes, so maybe Hoffman did just call the paramedics but it is a lot more than most would’ve done.  Just four days ago Ryan Gosling was also praised for his heroic acts when he saved a British woman from walking into opposing traffic in New York. Now, I’m not sure about you but I am pleased to see people being Good Samaritans again. I remember back to April 2010 and how shocked I was at the story about the man who was stabbed after helping a woman who was being mugged. The man was left bleeding on the pavement and for an hour people just walked right past him, some took pictures whilst one passerby actually lifted the body to reveal a pool of blood and still just walked on. By the time emergency services arrived it was too late and the man died.

Click here to see the footage

The surveillance video of the incident made me ill, what had become of humanity? Are we so caught up in our own daily lives that we can’t even lend a hand to someone who tried helping someone else?  One of my favourite movies in the past few years is the black comedy, KickAss, which shined a light on people’s reluctance to intervene when someone else is in trouble.  The film introduces an unlikely hero in the form of a young boy who had no superpower ability but was determined not to turn a blind eye to those in need. It also had pretty awesome action scenes in it; I do recommend everyone watch it.

So to conclude, I think everyone should take a page out of Dustin Hoffman and Ryan Goslings’ page and next time you see someone having a heart attack or bleeding on the floor, how about you call the ambulance or the police instead of pretending you didn’t see anything. Besides I hear it’s the cool thing to do these days, Hollywood is crazy about it!

Celebrities make the 'good samaritan' cool again