Not Premier League Proven (NPLP) is a podcast created by journalism students at the University of Kent who all love football. The podcast consists of six students offering fresh comment, every Wednesday, on the latest gossip surrounding the beautiful game. Get in touch with NPLP via our website: , Twitter @NPLP_Podcast, through Facebook or drop us an email:

 Not Premier League Proven's debut episode sees the boys discuss all the action from the weekend, find the 'Top 3' Dutch players to have played in the Premier League and of course, think critically about Emile Heskey's supposed new position.

 We are using new technology this week so at times we experienced some editing difficulties. This will be improved as the weeks go on.

 (After some hardcore googling we have discovered that NK Maribor are in fact from Slovenia, not Sweden, but of course you already knew that didn't you?! Sorry for any incovenience none the less).

 Your feedback is much appreciated.




Very well done the NPLP team, this is an admirable effort... I'll field the transfer requests from Sky Sports News. I think the Centre can claim at least 15% as an agency fee - provided, of course, that none of you makes any bigoted comments about match officials...Hereford? Dear Lord! And people say Partick Thistle are poor... 

Hereford United is a fantastic football club soaked in tradition and with some of the best fans in the country!

Not sure if you guys have seen, but your podcast is featured in the "New and Noteworthy" podcast section on iTunes.

Well done and keep up the good work!

The Centre's very own Not Premier League Proven team present their debut podcast