CfJ Newswire

This morning at 8am the Centre for Journalism Newswire goes live to the world. The project is being undertaken as part of the Centre's Online news day for second-year undergraduates. We will be covering - for one day only - a mix of national and international stories, as well as local stories relevant to Kent using a variety of multimedia techniques.

All content is open for public discussion and urge anyone to comment and get involved if they feel the urge to do so! To access the Newswire, go to

You can become a fan on Facebook or keep up-to-date with us throughout the day on Twitter. We're looking forward to hearing from anyone and everyone as the day progresses!


Great site mate, looks really professional. Doesn't look out of place on the world-wide-web at all!



Well done with this project, it really was amazing.

I followed it all day,  so you did replace the BBC for a day (for me anyway) - and although I can't give you any constructive comment, I thought you pulled it out of the bag big time.

Big thumbs up from me!

CfJ Newswire goes live!