Can we just speak up ?

Sorry for the late post - it took me a month to get my head around a topic that I would have liked to write about. Since last year, a lot has been said about women and what we have to go through in our every day life: harassment, sexism, disparity, unfair treatment and so on. There are countless ways in which our quality of life is affected negatively by our sex. Just have a look around, in the streets, workplaces and even just by our health.

The (early) quaterlife crisis

When I left England in December, I was totally exhausted, disoriented, paralyzed by my anxiety. I had the feeling that the slightest obstacle was insurmountable, and I entered a spiral in which I created my own anxiety just by imagining it overwhelm me.

Then I came back to France, I needed peace, my family, my childhood room and my friends back home. I'm not fond of Christmas time, I admit not to be sensitive to these festivities, nor to the magic of Christmas, even if meeting some extended family members is still (sometimes) pleasant.

Experience abroad, as well as in journalism, is to persevere and to dare

After almost 7 months in England, I finally feel at home.

It was the conclusion with which I had dreamed to finish the year.

My first months abroad were mixed in a flood of unclear feelings. The arrival in a university system different from all that I had known until then was a challenge, which I managed to overcome thanks to the cocoon created by the centre for journalism.

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