The Centre for Journalism has traditionally arranged a Christmas Party for staff and students.  In recent weeks CfJ nerve centre - a.k.a. the excellent Mrs Anastasia Bakowski - has been striving to identify an appropriate venue in which to hold an event this year. Sadly, her strenuous efforts have not met with success. We might blame the Eurozone crisis, the Chancellor of the Exchequer or the Staypuft Marshmallow Man, but the harsh reality is that venues we have hired in previous years have raised their prices to levels the Centre cannot afford. If anyone knows of a local venue that might accept our custom and not charge a huge sum (i.e. more than £1 per bottle) for corkage, then the Centre will, as in previous years, gladly supply some wine. If not we will keep what little spare money we have to contribute to a party for 2012 graduates. Ideas to  and   



The King Charles Hotel which is just opposite the Royal Engineers Museum hires out their rooms for free, only needing payment for the staff. There are several themed rooms but it's only available on weekends. Thought it might be worth a look.

I think it's only the themed room that you can hire out for free Dan, not all of them...!

Matt Charles works at the Lordswood Leisure Centre which provides function hire. Here is the link to the page and if you asked him he may be able to get some staff discount.

Hope that helps.


Christmas Party Crisis