Turn to page 18 of Britain's first and only concise, quality newspaper and rejoice. Our own Sara Malm, editor of the Medwire, has written the column reserved for winners of the iWriters competition. Sara's column is called 'It's a wonderful feeling to scorn the beautiful.' It is an acute,  compelling and stylish account of one student's reaction to the release from jail in Perugia of Amanda "Foxy Knoxy" Knox. It is additionally gratifying to see below Sara's byline the description: 'The writer is studying Journalism and the News Industry at the University of Kent.' To read more you will have to get a copy of the i. At twenty pence it is a tiny price to pay to join in celebrating such a tremendous achievement. Huge congratulations, Sara. I'm sure it is the first of many columns for national newspapers. 




For those who have failed to pick up the paper, here is a link to it:


And check out my haters, calling me ugly and anti-feminist!

Congratulations Sara Malm - iWriter