In a statement (sourced from an article I recommend you read concerning the Irish stance) released by David Cameron, the Tory leader has threatened that if the measure concerning the Lisbon  Treaty is ratified by all 27 members of the EU before next year’s general election, any possibility of a referendum on the Treaty will be exterminated.



It is already apparent that Poland and the Czech Republic are ready to accept the policies commanded by the Lisbon Treaty. If Britain is indeed angling away  from joining a United States of Europe, based purely on the condition that Cameron does move into Number 10 this time next year, the Middle Class Hero will attempt to introduce policies to repatriate the nation, and move away indefinitely from seemingly socialist Europe.

My current opinion is mixed: on one hand, my oyster card could extend to Frankfurt if the referendum sways in favour of the treaty…on the other hand, if the Tory Tyrant does indeed gets his way as suggested by The Sun, I wont be forced to exchange my penny jar.

Unfortunately for Cameron, I don’t think he realises that his trips to see Daddy Murdoch in the middle of Greece will be somewhat redundant if we do indeed conform to a United Sates of Europe.

Under the light of an umbrella nation such as a USE, could Murdoch find challenges in the faces of Berlusconi and the Kirch Group?

Will a positive swing on the possible referendum not only change the history of Europe, but also the future of journalism?



I truly dislike the expression USE. It is wrong, it has specifically nothing to do with federalism and the fears about the Lisbon treaty are just overrated. All it does is restructure the inner workings of the EU, without largely influencing specific countries themselves. One of the most notable and important decisions is that it repositions Parliament and its power. Giving more power to the democratically elected representatives of every country is much more important than the creation of EU president, which seems to be the source of all federalism fear. The matter is, that there has been a president for the EU for a long time. Now the president is feared to have some extra power, but that is only because so far it's been more or less a symbolic post: an announcer of collective decisions. It will change little and it will mostly depend on the president itself. There are also other changes and reorganisation (eg the Council of Ministers), but I suggest people Google 'Lisbon Treaty' and thoroughly read about it themselves.

First years will cover EU, among other things, in the second half of your year. It explains the system of the EU and also explain the Lisbon treaty a bit.

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The concluding point and subsequent questions ask how and if journalism will be affected. The questions were not rhetorical. I'm sorry that my use of the phrase USE has disgruntled you so much, however I am merely acting as other bloggers and journalists alike have seen fit.

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