Any first years stuck revising for local government?

One worried member of the public is single-handedly trying to make Public Affairs appeal to everyone, with a wonderfully ingenious Freedom of Information request.

Leicester City Council admitted it was not ready for a potential zombie invasion after he/she voiced concerns that provisions to deal with any attack were poor.

I can see the new sign now: "Leicester. Home of the undead. (Twinned with Essex)"


In a health and safety climate as irrationally paranoid as the one that blankets Britain I am astonished to learn of Leicester's complacent approach to the undead. I fear their plans for defence against dementors, dragons and daleks may be equally incomplete. We here in the Centre for Journalism are better organised. In the event of an attack by aliens we will teach them shorthand and use it to communicate our willingness to take them to our leader.  Yetis will be invited to lunch in the Gulbenkian. Readers will be aware that the roadworks that have paralysed Chatham in recent weeks were Medway Council's  brilliant solution to a threatend visit by cybermen. The invaders are still stuck in the public lavatories at the Pentagon Centre. They went in to ask directions and were detained for refusing to pay the 20p charge.          

A council, a Freedom of Information request...and zombies?