I start my 4-week work placement at Sky on Monday as part of the Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship.

For those of you who want to follow my progress or just want be generally nosey, I'll try and update this new blog every evening, recounting the day's activities.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer break so far!


 put that wonderful photo there?

I get that it makes the whole blog post look more attractive, but still :)

I did it, Dan. Your blog is a great read, so I think it deserves to be well presented on our front page. After all, making journalism look attractive is one of the ways in which we encourage people to read it. I'm very glad you are enjoying Sky. 

Nice to hear you're enjoying it. And yeah I suppose the picture does make it a bit more appealing. Nothing like a bit of free advertising. Hope your enjoying your break Tim! 

 ...but soon. 

Daniel's Sky Diary