I was shocked to see that our very own SU pub had made it to the Medway Messenger, but for all the wrong reasons. Colin Adamson's show during Fresher's Week has come up against some heavy criticism and has been accused of making participants 'perform tasks including lap dances, ogling the oppisite sex and imagining others naked'. On the one hand you could say that this was just a bit of fun, but on the other is it a breech of the participants goodwill and creating cheap and uinnapropriate humor? How did you feel after you had watched it?




...News first seen two weeks ago in the Medwire, of course. Always nice when one of my stories makes it into the Messenger, though, even if they re-wrote it, toned it down, and didn't credit me. To be fair that's my own fault for not answering my damn phone - I'd probably have had a byline on this had I done so!

Anyway, I was there - I won't publish my own thoughts for the purposes of neutrality, but it's worth mentioning that everyone I've managed to track down so far thinks it was massively sexist, that the manager of Coopers bar acknowledged why people thought that, and that Kent Union voted near-unanimously to condemn the act last week.


If this doesn't convince first years that writing for The Medwire is worth it, by the way, nothing will.

So this is in the Telegraph now, as well as on Huffington Post and Jezebel.

The Medwire: Bringing you news three weeks before the national press.

I bet UMSA almost had a heart attack, oh the joys of having a journalism department on campus!

I just wanted to say that the Medwire were the first people to report this and the sole reason it got into the national papers in the first place!

I really can't stress how much you can get out of writing for us and how proud I am of Nick!

Did you go to the hypnosis show at Coopers?