The BBC should be given credit for being decisive about its goals and future direction, says Director General Mark Thompson.

Thompson, who delivered the second Bob Friend Memorial Lecture at the University of Kent last night, defended the corporation's decision to axe 6 Music and the BBC Asian Network.

Over 100,000 people have either joined Facebook groups or signed petitions expressing their opposition to the move, which was announced on Tuesday as part of BBC's strategic review.

Thompson stressed that the BBC serves 60 million people and that a balance between competing audiences had to be struck. He said: "Quite often the BBC is criticised for not making choices - 'You always want to do everything, you never stop doing anything'.

I would just say to people: Whatever your views about 6 Music are, at least give us the credit for sometimes saying 'from now on...on balance, we think it's the right thing to do to stop doing something'."

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Director General Mark Thompson: Give the BBC some credit for being decisive