Amid the Labour carnage in the county council elections, there were some interesting results for the few elections taking place for directly-elected mayors on Thursday. In Doncaster, which has been blighted by politicial in-fighting and where the authority has faced damaging allegations about its failure to look after vulnerable children, the previous mayor stood down. Thursday saw the election of a mayor from the English Democrats party. Meanwhile, H'Angus The Monkey - Stuart Drummond - won a third successive election in Hartlepool. Not bad for a former football club mascot.


I bet they will love all the civic duties they'll have to do this year. Shame they don't have any real powers!




Because I was going to say Boris Johnson!

Bullet Dodged.

Very droll, Nik. You almost had me fooled there...or does this mean I need to cram in some more revision sessions?!


Haha, you know I'm just joking!

Doncaster votes in English Democrat as directly-elected mayor