The MP's expenses system is quackers as it is, but this takes the biscuit. After claiming £1,645 on a luxury duck house, Tory MP Sir Peter Viggers has been ordered to resign by Conservative party leader David Cameron. This may seem harsh, but by the public's standards, he is getting off lightly.

The Peasant's Revolt in 1381 saw peasants from Kent march on London and kill those in power who they held responsible for the lack of support given to them. Today, MPs are given a slap on the wrist and a deserving amount of abuse from the media. It seems the punishments have changed but those in charge have still not learnt that despite their power, they are still within the law and are still accountable to those who put them in power- the public.

The recession is biting at the heels of every household in the UK, and yet MPs are given the chance to charge toothbrushs and dog food onto an account meant to help them with their jobs. How dog food helps an MP move seemlessly between London and their constitunency is beyond understanding. Unless the MP has a taste for Pedigree Chicken and Rice dog food, it is in no way acceptable to nominate it as an expense.

The duck island is the latest in a string of items put onto MPs expense accounts. The 5ft tall island, complete with a blue and green house, bell tower and ramp, was contracted by a specialised company that builds bird pavilions. Some have argued that the MPs have been encouraged to spend ludicrous amounts of money by the sheer fact that the tracking of the system is not as focused as it should be. If MPs know they can get away with charging personal items, then they will.

The unveiling of the receipts has revealed more than just the finances of MPs, it has brought to light the deception committed by certain members of Parliament. With revelations getting worse by the day, only time will tell if the public wil be able to trust MPs again. If not, then the future of the country hangs in the balance. A constitutional crisis is on the horizon, and members of the public are out for blood, and so they should be.

With parents struggling to put food on the table, a floating £1,645 duck house is threatening to sink the trust the public have in MPs.

If a general election is called, feathers will be ruffled, and thank duck for that.


A very interesting and hilarious (well, not really - if you think about it) little slideshow about the most bizarre MP expenses on the Telegraph website.

For duck sake!