The chances are most mornings you will find me with my head buried in a copy of the Guardian, devouring my daily dosage of news and comment. It has become ritualistic and I've got the ink-stained fingers to show for it.

But it seems as if I am of a dying breed.

With newspapers making their entire contents available for free on the internet, people of our generation will most probably boot up their Mac or PC and get their news that way. Or switch on their TV.

The market for news has become fragmented. There are just so many different ways you can get it. Over the years, newspaper circulation has been declining.

What struck me as I made my into work this week was the lack of people clutching a paid for newspaper. In the morning carriages full of people thumbed through their copy of the Metro, and in the evening it was either the London Lite or London Paper that they perused. I could literally count on one hand the number of people who were the exception to this rule.

Why do I continue to pay for my news? This article caught my eye a few days ago and advances some arguments that strike a chord with me.

A dying breed?