GCSEs: as easy as a 10 minute A* for Dara O'Briain?

The latest person to join the near-constant criticism of GCSEs is, it seems, Dara O'Briain. I have to admit, as someone who often finds myself in defence of GCSEs, and someone who likes and admires the Irish comedian in question, I found myself a little disheartened by the sensationalist headlines I found about him 'getting an A* in 10 minutes' and subsequently claiming that GCSEs were too easy.


But, as seems to be the case too often, what was actually being said was not quite what the headline and paragraph would have you believe.


Courting Controversy

As a journalist interested in the successes of the industry, I really do try to work my head around concepts and modes of expression that I don't necessarily agree with. Though I automatically find myself shying from tabloid, sport, and celebrity journalism - areas that carry no interest for me - I understand that they are not only markets, but profitable markets. I may be a proud supporter of fourth estate, but I am not quite idealistic enough to think that news does not come at a price, nor am I arrogant enough to consider my tastes the only tastes.

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