In case any of our Centre for Journalism students were feeling doubtful about the amount of techie stuff that's been thrown at them so far (and there's plenty more to come), they might do well to take a look at this piece by one of France's most forward thinking journalists.

Frederic Filloux says he was surprised at the reaction of some students he recently spoke to about multimedia production. "I realized how unprepared they were to get into an authoring, technical and creative domain that might engulf a large part of their professional future," he says. "Journalism schools underplay an important part of the training of aspiring journalists: the development of technical skills. To most grown-up news people, drilling into arcane science of Flash or of other web production tools is as inappropriate as talking about editorial marketing (another field in which J-schools are out of touch)."

So if you're feeling freaked out by Photoshop, awed by Audition, or flustered because your Flash actionscript is playing up, remind yourself of his five important considerations for training new journalists. Particularly number four: "Encourage nerdy tendencies among students or rookies journalists. In doing so, they will dramatically increase their employability."

Encouraging nerdy tendencies