I have just read an article in the Mirror titled 'Dale Cregan for OBE' - All I can say is that I am truely disgusted. 

The story includes evidence of Facebook users referring to police officers as 'scumbags' and yet they are proud to give the suspected Dale Cregan a 'legendary' title. I am shocked at how terribly police officers are being treated as a result of the double killing - even though the Prime Minister has encouraged the page to be taken down, I still feel that this matter is of greater significance. I would like to take this story further in speaking to the public, in the Manchester area and surrounding areas, about the levels of respect that they have for the police force and also the people who made such vile comments, in order to see how they dare to justify the insentive. For example, Niall Keogh who lives in Manchester said "blow the f*****s up" - I would have great pleasure in finding out why exactly he feels so strongly about annihilating the force whom only ever do their best to maintain safety and well-being. 


It's disgusting and made worse in the fact that the police would help these people if they were to become the victim, irrelevant of their comments. The comment suggesting this is some sort of justice after the hillsborough disaster is also a bit of a joke, Nicola Hughes' death cant be any compensation for this when she was born the same year it happened and I doubt their families will view it this way either.

Couldn't agree with you more Katie 

Facebook group made for police duo killer - A story that I am eager to take to conference!