There seems to be some confusuion about my generous gift of an essay week for first year students. So, in the interests of absolute clarity, the arrangement is that there are no History of Journalism lectures or seminars in the week beginning Monday 2 November.  You have Monday 2/11, Tuesday 3/11, Wednesday 4/11 and Thursday 5/11 to complete the essay due on Friday 6/11. History of Journalism continues as normal this week (i.e. week beginning Monday 26 October) and resumes its normal pattern on Monday 9 November. PLEASE NOTE: that no other lectures, seminars or classes are suspended during essay week. This applies to History of Journalism only. You are required to continue to attend Conference, Shorthand, Reporting and Writing and Convergent Journalism. Please also note that, out of courtesy to your lecturers and in the interests of your own academic progress, any absences must be notified and explained in advance.    

First year essay week