England’s Women footballers are still seen as semi professionals by the Football Association even after a successful summer for women’s sport, with thousands flocking to watch women play the beautiful game at the 2012 Olympics.

England’s women have also qualified for the Euro 2013 finals.

The debate over Women’s pay has been reignited by the initial rise in pay by the FA from £16,000 to £18,000 a year. A figure, which the Chief of the Players Union Gordon Taylor, has deemed “embarrassing.”

I for one am shocked at the £18,000 a year deal for the country’s top players especially when comparing their yearly wage to that of club players in the men’s game every week.

The harsh truth however is that the men’s game is much more popular, and much more commercially known across the world, hence the huge wage packets and price tags on the worlds best players.

But even so I wonder when or if ever the women’s game will see the hype that the men’s game receives throughout the football season and beyond.

There are those out there who argue the men exhibit more passion and dedication to the game, but one England Women’s defender Sophie Bradley says that she and other Women footballers: “Play for the love of the game, but at the same time you want to be rewarded for doing well.”

Talking to the BBC she went on to say: “It's now got to the point where we need to be rewarded because of the amount of people who are interested in watching us play and the progression of the game."

The Women’s game is somewhat financially marred by the need for the players to get part time jobs in order to keep themselves afloat, especially as the teams in the top division of Women’s football in the UK are all run part time with not nearly the same amount of resources and dedicated backroom staff as the men’s game.

The greatest shame in the Women’s game in however is that many of the top English players move to America to play where the sport is seen as a full time profession and because the wages are much higher. With many players receiving at least $50,000 per year with a win bonus of around $1000 a game.

But what do you all think about the Women’s game? Do you think players should be offered higher contracts on a full time basis to keep them from moving abroad? Or wonder when they’ll gain the attention of the media they deserve for their skill and success?

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