i hate writing blog posts.

Does anyone else hate writing blogs? As of now I’ve got about half an hour to crack this out before I wrap some Christmas presents and head off to pre- drinks. Hopefully the sea of late submissions from my fellow blog dodgers (I know you’re out there, I cant be the only one, right?)  Wash this one under the carpet.


Is a little known German football club about to ruin football for everyone ?


19 years ago, FC Kaiserslautern stunned the world by winning the German Top Division after being promoted the previous season. The championship win was a true football fairy tale. Otto Rehhagel’s team stunned everyone by beating European giants Bayern Munich and Bourissa Dortmund to the Bundesliga crown. Championship wins such as FCK’s and more recently Leicester City’s 2015/2016 Premier League victory are what football is all about.

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