Drag your nose from your laptop, desktop flatscreen or Kindle for a bit and stick it into some really ancient technology for a change. A book. They've been with us for 600 years, but I've got some beautiful modern ones to give away.
I was among the 20,000 lucky people selected to get some of the one million books to give away as part of World Book Night. So was Paulene, my wife.
Of the 25 "modern classics" selected for this unique and huge promotional project Paulene got her first choice, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (that's the writer, not the comedian and actor) who worked in Canterbury's Waterstones to pay his way through the University of  Kent. I remember this exhilarating story as a mind-blowing, language-bending experience. Booker prize author Yann Martell said in Saturday's Times: "It's a tapestry of the most gorgeous language strewn with fascinating crumbs ... you will hoover it up." Now you can.
My choice was One Day by David Nicholls which cleverly and movingly follows the turbulent lives of two people from the day they first share a bed at university. It's brilliantly conveyed in one-day-per-year takes - July 15 - for two  decades. Writer and journalist Tony Parsons says: "This  brilliant book measures the gap between the way we were and what we become."   
Interested? Email me on rongreen54 [at] aol.com and tell me which book you would like (or both). I don't anticipate being bowled over in the rush but, just in case, first come, first served.    

Free books - be one in a million