IMPORTANT: CFJ Kit returns and requests.

Please return all kit that is due (or, if overdue - with your penalty) by 4pm tomorrow 4th April to Gerardo.

If you require kit during the period from 4th to 17th april please request and collect it today or tomorrow (3rd, 4th) as the kit room will be closed until 17th April.

If you currently have kit checked out which is due to be returned after 4th april, I will accept it without penalty upon my return on 17th april (no later).

All students - Please return overdue kit by 3pm friday 23rd Feb

Some students have kit that is long overdue. It must be returned by 3pm tomorrow 23rd february.

You must return it to me and only me, Gerardo and come prepared to settle your fine in cash - no change will be available, no kit will be accepted without settlement and an additional penalty would be incurred.

Failure to return the kit by 3pm tomorrow will double your penalty.




CFJ Kit returns. Week commencing 22nd January 2018.

Dear Students,

The kit room will be closed 22nd to 24th january as I will not be present at the CFJ on those dates.

If you currently have overdue kit you will need to return it to me and settle your penalty either today 19th January or next thursday 25th january.

If you require kit for next week, please request and collect it today, 19th January.

If you have kit due for return on 22,23 or 24th January (next mon tues or weds) then please return it on thursday 25th instead. You will not incur a penalty if returned on this date.  

CFJ Kit return.

The deadline below has passed.

Failure to return your overdue kit by 3.30pm today (thursday 5th Oct 2017) will result in an increased penalty and the withdrawl of permission to use CFJ kit in future. No exceptions.


All students:-

Please return all overdue kit on monday 2nd october after 10am.

Please charge up both batteries in video kits and make certain your gear is clean, tidy and complete.

Please report any faults, breakages or lost items before I inspect the kits.


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