For those of us stuck at Gillingham and sick of walking down its dog-poo littered streets, I have recently found a perfect place and would love to recommend it to you.

Last weekend, a flatmate and I went running at the Strand Leisure Park, a short 5 minute jog away from Liberty Quays. Once the park came into view, I couldn’t believe we were still in Gillingham!

What first meets the eye is a huge piece of grassland and the River Medway sitting serenely behind it. The playground on the grassland bustled with life as children and their dogs ran around, parents chatted on the benches, and old couples strolled hand in hand.

Further down the path, the sunset turned the sky into peaceful shades of blue, yellow, orange, and pink as we ran parallel to the River Medway.

If you have the time to go pass the thematically decorated houses by the river – no points for guessing what the theme is – you will find yourself on a muddy footpath which cuts through a vast piece of marshland. A map shows you a few good bird-watching spots and you can go exploring down the different paths. The main footpath leads to the Riverside Country Park, and I do recommend going there if you have time.

The best thing? You don’t have to worry about getting lost – the River Medway is the perfect landmark for you to find your way back.

What a sad waste it would be if we complain about this gloomy town yet miss out such beauty that’s sitting right at its doorstep, waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

One tip though: the footpath could be quite muddy after rain, so don’t go jogging in white shoes or light pants unless you like the color of soil. 


Medway's actually quite a nice place if you're willing to venture a bit

Nice to see you sticking up for your home town Rikki ;)

But seriously though, there are some nice places if you look around!

Gillingham’s hidden gem (yes I’m serious!)